Healthiest Food Ever!

by Julian Alexander Coker
(Williams Bay, WI, USA)

Coconut oil is miraculous! No wonder Polynesians who eat their native diet are so robustly healthy and strong. I feel the same, full of energy and strength.

My skin is soft. My muscles are more powerful and my eyes are bright. When I wake up to brush my teeth I get really close to the mirror and admire how white the whites of my eyes are. I can’t see one blood vessel and I know it’s the coconut oil.

I have come to understand how truly terrible America’s fast food wasteland is after eating coconut oil. One, full of life and many untold miracles. The other, a sad waste of inorganic compounds never meant to see the inside of a human colon. Coconut oil is a prebiotic (it feeds the probiotics in your gut). No more gut pain from years of antibiotics for me.

You have to take this stuff to believe it. I take 5-6 tablespoons a day sometimes! That may sound like a lot and you do have to work your way up there at first. Why isn’t everyone eating coconut oil? I have an explanation: Taste. It can gag people alone without food, especially at room temperature. I refrigerate mine. Then I take a butter knife and break off cold chunks and grab some when I feel like it. Most people won’t eat unless it tastes good. Not me. I’m addicted to how good it makes me feel now.

When coconut oil healed me I didn’t stop there. I had experienced so many other positive changes like darker and stronger hair I wasn’t willing to let go.

Travel Channel had a show called “Meet The Natives” which documented the journey of five Polynesians from their island nation of Vanuatu to America. When helping to prepare a Thanksgiving meal with canned food they said in their native tongue, “There is no life in this food!” You’ll understand why once you get on coconut oil.

They went to five families’ homes across the country and before they would leave they would perform their tribal song and dance. Before they would do it they would rub coconut oil all over their bodies. I love it when one guy says with a proud look, “This is what makes me strong.” Most of these people’s diets revolves around coconuts and it is obvious what it has done for them. They are all in there 50’s and 60’s and they look amazing despite being in the blistering sun wearing nothing more than a thong. But do they have any wrinkles or sun damage?

When I hear of people curing themselves of AIDS with coconut oil alone I am seriously not surprised. I recommend cold-pressed, virgin, organic, and raw when shopping for coconut oil. It is a safe oil for cooking but I feel something is lost. I do both, but I really feel it should be raw for the best health benefits, especially if you are sick.

I have found a beach resort in the Philippines where you can pick your own wild coconuts. I am booking a flight right now.