Hair Types

by Anonymous

Can coconut oil be used for dry, oily, soft, thin, fine, or normal hair? Also hair with dandruff? Would it cause the hair to be very greasy with more dandruff? Also where to buy it? Buy an actual coconut from a shop? Please help


Coconut oil can be used for dry, oily, soft, thin, fine, or normal hair. In short, it can be used for all types of hair. Damaged hair, in particular, can improve significantly overnight.

I have slightly thin hair and my wife’s is thick. Regardless of the type, coconut oil takes great care of our crowning glory.

No, coconut oil will not cause your hair to get very greasy with more dandruff. The fatty acids present in coconut oil kill fungi that cause dandruff. Please visit what causes dandruff and the stunning effect of coconut oil for more information.

Gently massage the oil on your hair and scalp. After at least 30 minutes (preferably overnight), you can wash your hair with a very mild shampoo, or no shampoo at all, or alternately (experiment at first to see which works better for you). In my case, I only shampoo my hair and use coconut oil every other day. Because its structure is smaller than other hair oils, coconut oil is quickly absorbed into your scalp and hair.

Any respectable health food store should carry a respectable line of coconut oil products. If you prefer to get it online, please click on the following link.

High-quality Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

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