Hair Growth Supplements: Reduce Hair Protein Loss with Vintage Coconut Oil

Hair growth supplements are all over the place. But if you want “something” that has always been around since time immemorial because it’s effective and safe, that “something” is coconut oil.

Thousands of years before the first ever commercial shampoo, conditioner or any other hair care product was even conceived, we Filipinos and other cultures have been using coconut oil for vibrant hair growth with amazing results.

Hair Protein Loss

Your hair is approximately 91 percent protein. One of the main determinants that impede normal hair growth is “protein loss.”

In a study reported in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, coconut oil was weighed against mineral oil and sunflower oil, two of the most widely used in commercial hair oil formulations. The results validated countless anecdotal evidences of coconut oil superiority.

Confirmed: Coconut Oil Reduces Protein Loss

To be truly effective, hair growth supplements must have a favorable impact on protein loss.

When used as a “pre-wash” and “post-wash” grooming product, only coconut oil was able to reduce protein loss for both damaged and undamaged hair.

According to the researchers, the composition of each of the oils was the determining factor.

Being a hydrocarbon, mineral oil has no affinity for proteins. For this reason, it’s not able to penetrate and protect the hair. Because it’s made of Long Chain Triglycerides (LCT), sunflower oil doesn’t get through either. Both have no positive influence on protein loss.

Thanks to MCTs

At 67 percent Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), coconut oil is capable ofpenetrating inside the hair shaft. It protects your hair from protein loss and, at the same time, gives it more body. There are very few sources of MCTS, of which, coconut oil is the richest.

Since sunflower oil and just about all other plant and vegetable oils are composed entirely of LCTs, they don’t guard against protein loss.

Only MCT-packed coconut oil can shield your hair from protein loss and stop hair damage. Therefore, coconut oil is the best oil to use for dynamic hair growth.

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