Giving Coconut Oil to Disabled Child Externally?

by Heather
Is there a way to give Coconut Oil to a disabled child topically for Candida? Does it penetrate like Essential Oils do?

Hi Heather,

Yes, you can give coconut oil to a disabled child (externally and internally) for candida. It may not penetrate exactly as essential oils do, but coconut oil will definitely pass through the human skin and eventually reach the bloodstream.

The Candida albicans yeast is killed by the Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) generously present in coconut oil. For a much more effective way of doing so, it’s best if the child ingests the oil.

A simple way to ingest coconut oil (disabled child or not) is to add it to food and beverage, preferably warm for easier mixing. Even simpler is to use coconut oil for all of your cooking. Doing these will ensure that the child gets his or her daily “internal” dose of coconut oil.

Hope this helps,