Extreme Dry Condition and Irritation

by Anonymous

A few months ago I bought two jars of Spectrum's Organic Coconut Oil and used them liberally over a 4-week period. During that time my skin got progressively drier and more itchy and irritated.

I have never experienced anything like this before. I never had any obvious skin allergies or conditions. I started eliminating what I thought could be causes of this problem. Finally I stopped using the coconut oil and the condition cleared up in a couple days. I was shocked. I wish someone could give me an explanation.


From what I’ve been reading, Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil seems to be a decent product.

A true allergic reaction to coconut oil is possible, but rare. Based from what you’ve shared, it looks like you’re one of the few people who, unfortunately, have this type of sensitivity to the oil of the humble coconut.

Actually, you can check if you are allergic to it by doing the following.

Apply some coconut oil on your forearm and rub it in. If your skin becomes swollen, inflamed, or turns red, you probably are allergic to it. But if after 2-3 days nothing of the likes happened, I think it’s safe to say you’re not sensitive to coconut oil.

Of course, this all begins with the premise that the coconut oil you’re using is not rancid or anything like that.

All the best,

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Jun 18, 2012
Coconut Oil is Anti-MS
by: Frederick

Hi Anindita,

Ultimately, the real cause or causes of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is still largely unknown. Viral infection and vitamin D deficiency seem to be strong candidates but still need more studies to be certain.

Yes, some people may need to take it longer than others to see improvement. As long as it's from a reputable producer, the coconut oil should be of good quality. Make sure it smells and tastes like fresh coconuts.

I believe coconut oil suits us all, unless of course you're allergic to it, which is rare. Please keep at it. Get enough vitamin D from sun exposure. Avoid processed foods and eat at least half of your foods raw. At any rate, this is still the ideal diet for optimal health...

All the best,

Jun 16, 2012
MS and Coconut Oil
by: Anonymous

Hi Frederick,

Hope you are doing good. I took pure coconut oil (bought from Flaxindia, India), 1-2 tbsps for more than a month from May 6th to June 14th for the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) that I have. However, I do not see much visible improvement.

Do some MS people need to take it for a longer duration for improvement in health? Or is the oil from Flaxindia not good enough? Also, could coconut oil not be suiting me, rather harming me?

I am feeling confused. Please clarify my doubts.


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