Energy And More Energy

by Tommy
(California, USA)

I have always struggled to sustain the energy level required to do the things I love to do. After some time researching my predicament, it became clear that I haven’t been eating right (mostly junk food, fast food, sweets, etc.). These unhealthy foods gave me a quick source of SHORT-LIVED or NON-LASTING energy. This much I now know!

A friend of mine introduced me to coconut oil about a year ago and ever since, my energy levels have been bountiful! Virgin coconut oil has helped immensely in providing me the energy to last the whole day, and then some… 🙂

Of course, my healthier food choices had a lot to do with this newfound vitality but I know deep in my heart that coconut oil is playing a major role as well. Coconut oil is composed of a special, smaller set of fatty acids that boosts the metabolism.

Indeed, coconut oil gives energy, not body fat! Take care everyone.