Eating Coconut Oil Guarantees Weight Loss Effortlessly

Eating coconut oil instead of other fats and oils is enough to make you lose weight. Thanks to a unique type of fat molecules called Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCTs.

Researchers have shown that if you switch to an oil containing MCTs such as coconut oil, from oils made of Long Chain Triglycerides or LCTs, you can lose up to almost 40 pounds of excess fat a year.

You don’t have to reduce your calorie consumption or change anything else in your diet.

Simply eating coconut oil or having an oil-change, from LCT-oils to MCT-oils, is all you have to do. Done! Below is a list of fats/oils consisting of 100 percent LCTs.

From Plants From Animals
Soybean oil

Corn oil

Olive oil

Safflower oil

Peanut oil

Canola oil

Sunflower oil



Chicken fat

Nature’s Low-Calorie Fat

All fats and oils contain the same number of calories (9 calories/gram), except for one. Coconut oil contains a little less (8.6 calories/gram). MCT oil or fractionated coconut oil, which consists of only two fatty acids (caprylic acid and capric acid), only has 6.8 calories per gram. This is much less than the 9 calories per gram others supply.

The difference in the number of calories may not be much. Bottom line though, even if it is just a small percentage, it’s still smaller!

Coconut oil supplies fewer calories per gram than all LCT-fats. This means you are taking in a smaller number of excess calories that can be stored away as body fat. Besides, the reduction in calories is not the main reason why coconut oil is reputed as nature’s only low-calorie fat.

Like a Carbohydrate

Eating coconut oil in the form of coconut meat.

MCT-rich coconut oil is digested and utilized by your body in a manner that is so different from LCT-oils. More like a carbohydrate, actually.

“Carbohydrates and coconut oil are both absorbed in your small intestines.”

Your body quickly converts carbohydrates into glucose for energy. Coconut oil or more specifically, Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA), is sent straight to your liver to produce the same thing, energy! It doesn’t have to circulate your bloodstream to the degree that other fats/oils do. Coconut oil’s digestion is similar to a carbohydrate. But wait, it gets even better.

It may digest similar to a carbohydrate, but coconut oil does not raise your blood sugar. Nope, it doesn’t. Isn’t that great, especially if you have diabetes?

What to do with the newfound energy running through your veins? Now is the time to start exercising regularly, if you haven’t done so already. Do this and your body has no choice but to lose more extra weight, possibly a lot more.

Eat the Right Fat to Lose Fat

Almost all dietary oils out there are made entirely of LCTs. No MCTs at all. Zero! On the other hand, coconut oil is more than two-thirds MCTs, making it nature’s most abundant source of these relatively rare fatty acids.

Do you live in America and follow the Food Guide Pyramid religiously? If you answered yes, then you are eating fat to become fat. Want to eat fat and not become fat? Then you really have to make the switch.

All things equal, simply using or eating coconut oil in place of the oils you are using right now, is sufficient to effortlessly shed excess body fat. Guaranteed!

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