Eat or Swallow Coconut Oil?

by Chantal

I’ve been eating the oil as opposed to swallowing it. Is this also OK? Being winter here in Australia, it is in its solid form or is it preferable for me to melt it?

Can you recommend a coconut oil I can use for eating, detoxing and massage? I would like to purchase it in “bulk” as I also use it in my massage business.

Thank you so much for your assistance,
Chantal Zamora

Hi Chantal,

Eating as opposed to swallowing coconut oil? Absolutely! Eat or swallow, the same fantastic health benefits.

Coconut oil, whether in its solid or liquid form, will always give you a health-boost. It doesn’t matter what state of matter it’s in.

Since you are in Australia, I suggest you get in touch with Niugini Organics 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. This oil is mainly sold in Australia and the owner is a good man. Please click the following link to their Contact Us page.

I wish you all the best,