Diabetic, Dementia and Coconut Oil

by Ginny Commin
(South Africa)

My husband has been a diabetic for 30 years. His sugars are pretty regulated. He takes 13 units of insulin in the morning and 10 at night.

I started him on 1 teaspoon of coconut oil 3 times a day and his readings stayed high. Is this normal? Could the oil be affecting his sugar readings?

Hi Ginny,

How long have you been giving him one teaspoon of coconut oil thrice daily? First timers may have to wait for a week or so, even longer, to start seeing some meaningful benefits such as lowered sugar readings, etc.

By slowing down the emptying of the stomach so that sugars are released at a slower rate into the blood stream, coconut oil is known to help regulate blood sugar.

It also helps improve insulin secretion and sensitivity. This is the reason why the blood sugar levels of many coconut oil-consuming diabetics are better even when they eat sugary foods. Instead of taking drugs to lower blood sugar, some people eat a tablespoon or two of coconut oil and within 30 minutes or so, their sugar readings drop back to normal.

Give coconut oil a fair shot. Continue giving him 3 teaspoons (more if you like) every day for at least a month or two. Good results are bound to happen.

Hope this helps,