Cured Ringworm in My Cat!

by Kacie
(Houston, TX)

I have a Sphynx, which is a hairless cat. Last week, I noticed he had a ringworm. Previously, I had never seen one nor had to deal with it.

I was planning on ordering a treatment online that was close to $50 for the internal only. I told my friend about it and she suggested coconut oil. I bought a huge container for $6. It is literally almost gone. I have been putting it on the ringworm a couple times a day with a q-tip and giving him a dab to eat at the same time.

This stuff is crazy awesome. I am also using it to take stains off my teeth as I recently had my braces removed. It’s looking great! Super investment.

Hi Kacie,

$50 to treat a ringworm problem? No wonder drug companies earn billions and billions of dollars every year. And do most of their drugs even work?

Apply coconut oil directly on affected areas and don’t forget to add some into his food. The effect is that much better. This approach works very well for people, too.

Have you tried brushing your teeth using coconut oil and baking soda? Removes stains off teeth really well…