Congestion and Cough, Much Improved

by Joe

I read your tip to put coconut oil right into your nostrils, lie down and let it melt and spread. I did this and also swallowed several teaspoons.

Before this, I have been exhausted from coughing, and had heavy drainage. I could not go out for normal errands. I went back to bed this morning at 10:30. I was on my last legs. But, I had immediate relief!

I used to use coconut oil every day, but had gotten away from it. My wife still used it for cooking. So I have a gallon on hand. Now I will use it everyday again.

Hi Joe,

Coconut oil can help resolve coughing and congestion problems better than pharmaceutical drugs can, and without side effects.

My wife and I had been congested just recently. Once again, coconut oil was able to come to our rescue – very effective for breaking up mucus build-up.

We also do some coconut oil-pulling, so that definitely helped a lot, too.