Use Coconut Recipes If You Can’t or Won’t Take Coconut Oil Directly

Coconut recipes is a pretty straightforward and no-sweat way to benefit from coconut oil’s endless blessings. You get the outstanding health rewards and your food tastes great!

I can understand why some don’t like coconut oil straight from the container. We’re all different and have our own food preferences.

My sister gets a gag reflex when swallowing the oil but won’t share a morsel of her coconut-prepared meal with anyone else, not even with her beloved pekingese toy dogs.

Don’t let the direct approach to benefiting from coconut oil hold you back. The tropical world has countless mouth-watering coconut concoctions to offer you.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk or coco milk contains a good percentage of the oil. It’s more versatile when it comes to food preparation and the health benefits are virtually the same.

Coco milk enables you to easily and deliciously incorporate coconut oil into your diet. It makes “an ideal substitute for dairy.” And just like dairy milk, it isn’t sweet so it’s perfect for chowders, curries, soups and of course my favorite, desserts.

Wait a minute, sweets? Bad news for diabetics, right? Not with coconut oil, it isn’t!

Good News for Diabetics

A low-fat diet is normally advised for diabetics. Unlike all other dietary fats and oils, two-thirds of coconut oil’s fat molecules are made of anti-diabetes Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA).

MCFAs can feed your cells without the need for insulin. You read right, without insuline! MCFA-rich coconut oil improves insulin secretion and sensitivity, as well as glucose intolerance.

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