Coconut Oil Varicose Veins: Avoid the Swelling with Proper Digestion

Coconut oil for varicose veins? By optimizing your digestive system, coconut oil helps treat and prevent the development of varicose veins.

I know, I know… You’re probably scratching your head thinking – What does the digestive system have to do with preventing varicose veins?

Well, constipation and excessive abdominal pressure are believed to cause varicose or swollen veins, especially in the legs.

The research of British surgeon and epidemiologist Denis Burkitt, M.D. drew a direct connection between varicose veins and constipation. According to Dr. Burkitt, varicose veins and other common health problems are encouraged by overexerting or struggling to expel hard fecal matter.

The straining due to constipation can force blood to flow back down the legs, causing the valves to stretch. Unable to function properly, varicose veins develop.

Now here is where coconut oil comes in…

The digestive system is coconut oil’s specialty! Its unique and relatively rare fat molecules called Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) are easily digested to provide a quick source of energy.

MCT-rich coconut oil helps improve the tone of intestinal muscles and balances pH. No dietary oil or fat is better than coconut oil in keeping the pipes clean and flowing smoothly. None!

Coconut oil naturally and safely assists in restoring regular stool movement.

Massage warm coconut oil into affected area 3-6 times daily and don’t forget the maintenance dosage. Your digestive system will love it and the resulting increased activity in your cells will accelerate the healing process.

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