Use Coconut Oil Soap for a Wholesome Lather Up

Coconut oil soap lathers you up to cleanliness and more importantly, to health. This talented oil makes an excellent quality, richest lathering soap.

Most commercial soaps out there contain coconut oil as their primary ingredient. It gives soaps the ability to create a perfect lather even in hard water, which is high in mineral content.

A soap made up predominantly of coconut oil, provides you with sufficient germ-killing fatty acids. The Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) generously found in coconut oil assists, big time, in your perpetual war against bacteria, fungi and other harmful microorganisms.

Actually, soap can be made with any type of oil or mixture of oils. Because pure coconut oil is very strong, it is combined with one or more other oils, such as palm and olive oils.

Your hands are a favorite hang out of all sorts of microbes. Why do you think your mother keeps reminding you to always wash your hands? For this reason, a soap containing a relatively high amount of coconut oil for maximum protection is a smart choice.

Do you prefer a milder soap for bathing? I do. A coconut milk bath soap should be a desirable option, then. Coconut milk contains protein for that gentler but still dependable defense against infection. And of course, coconut milk contains a good deal of the precious oil.

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