Coconut Oil Skin Fungus: Grow New Healthy Skin in Days

Coconut oil skin fungus? Allow me to introduce caprylic acid, one of the most powerful non-drug or natural yeast-battling substances.

Caprylic acid is one of the vaunted Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) plentifully found in coconut oil (nature’s richest source of MCFAs).

Consistent use of antifungal coconut oil on affected area will eventually put an end to skin fungi like ringworm and athlete’s foot. For good measure, expose the infected skin to direct sunlight for 20 or so minutes daily and it’s, goodbye fungi.

Massage coconut oil into infected area 4 to7 times a day, even more if you like. The idea is to keep the affected area moist. Don’t give the offending fungi room to breathe or recover, so to speak.

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