Coconut Oil Skin Care: Feed Your Skin from the Inside-Out and Vice Versa

Coconut oil skin care is all about feeding your skin the correct way and without causing any harm whatsoever.

As a skin lotion, no other oil on the face of the earth can compare, pound for pound, to the greatness of coconut oil. None!

Healthy, beautiful skin begins inside your body. If you want excellent skin, there are two things you must accomplish. Get rid of the toxins in your body and nourish yourself (inside and out) with the finest nutrients God has created for you.

Potent Detoxifier

When it comes to detoxification, coconut oil stands head and shoulders above all other oils. Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA), the predominant fat molecules in coconut oil, kill disease-causing microorganisms that produce toxic byproducts.

Toxins generate free radicals that are linked to faster-aging and many skin-related health conditions. Coconut oil is so stable, it functions as an antioxidant, protecting you against free-radical degeneration. It also takes good care of your vital organs (thyroid, liver, intestines, kidneys, etc.) responsible for giving you gorgeous skin.

As Safe as it Gets

So many skin care products contain potentially dangerous ingredients such as parabens, Sodium Laurel or Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), dioxane, propylene glycol, acrylamide, etc. Why? Because they are cheap, easy to dilute, and readily available.

On the contrary, there is nothing in coconut oil that can harm your skin or any other part of your anatomy!

For thousands of years, generations have relied on it “exclusively” to give their skin that soft and smooth texture. Unlike most skin care products nowadays, MCFA-loaded coconut oil can be used in its natural form. Absolutely no processing required, which in this day and age, is a very good thing, even rare.

Inside and Out

Use coconut oil internally to help detoxify your body (inside-out), and massage it externally (outside-in) for immediate and encouraging results. Apply some oil on injured areas (wounds, cuts, etc.) to speed up healing and repair.

Coconut oil skin care is very effective and very safe, not to mention simple and easy. All you have to do is try, and I guarantee that you’ll become a believer, too.

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