Coconut Oil Side Effects: Neurological Damage?

Coconut oil side effects? There is a far greater danger in standing next to a coconut palm than there is in eating coconut oil.

Falling coconuts can cause very serious, sometimes fatal neural injuries. In spite of coconut oil’s unmatched health benefits, a hard heavy coconut can deliver a metric ton of force when dropped out of a 120-foot tree. That’s enough force to inflict major injury to your brain.

But more injuries come from people falling out of coconut trees than from falling coconuts. So if you don’t live in the tropics, you have a zero chance of being hit by a plummeting coconut or plunging out of its tree.

The humble coconut, especially the oil, is one of the safest foods in the world. Coconut oil is “hypoallergenic” and has no detrimental side effects. A true allergic reaction to coconut oil is rare.

Coconut oil is so safe that the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has included it in its Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) list. This is an exclusive list! Only foods that have passed rigid testing and have a record of safe use can enter the GRAS list.

The truth is no one even knows for certain if it’s possible to eat too much coconut oil. Some populations consume as much as 10 tablespoons daily and have superior health.

No, coconut oil is not linked to neurological damage. On the contrary, coconut oil may offer profound benefits in the fight against Alzheimer’s, a degenerative brain disease.

So enjoy using coconut oil and make it an integral part of your life. It may just be the answer to health, beauty and happiness.

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