Coconut Oil Poison Ivy: Severe Skin Inflammation Meets its Match

Coconut oil for poison ivy? Looking for a natural, organic, safe and potent remedy to get rid of grave inflammation and blistering of human skin?

The toxic oily resin called urushiol found in poison ivy or oak causes a severe form of dermatitis or skin inflammation. Very irritating and embarrassing…

Massage warm coconut oil deep into affected area. Do this 5 to 10 times daily until you see some improvement. You may want to use a coconut oil bandage for relentless healing to address stubborn cases.

Coconut oil is chiefly Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA). These unique and relatively rare fat molecules annihilate a wide range of skin disease-causing toxins, organisms, etc.

To ensure the inflammation doesn’t spread further as is the case with poison ivy, consume the coconut oil maintenance dosage as well. Give your immune system the help it needs to get the job done.

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