Coconut Oil Osteoporosis: Protect and Strengthen Your Bones With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil for osteoporosis is one solid approach to help make and keep your bones strong. Researchers found that saturated fats such as coconut oil act as antioxidants and protect your bones from damaging free radicals.

Calcium is a familiar term we usually hear when we talk about bone problems like osteoporosis. Your body uses this mineral to make your bones and teeth hard and resistant to wear. Calcium makes up about two percent of your body weight. 99% of which is found in your bones and teeth.

Did you know that CNO is used for the purpose of enhancing the absorption and retainment of calcium as well as magnesium in people when a deficiency of these minerals exists? Hospitals give premature and sick babies formulas containingmedium chain fatty acids (MCFA) generously found in coconut oil.

Using MCFAs in baby formulas helps with the absorption of these essential nutrients as well as amino acids. But regardless of your age, coconut oil can benefit your bones substantially. This versatile tropical oil can improve bone-nutrient absorption, neutralize free radicals and maintain hormone balance.

Osteoporosis is much more common in women than in men. Dr. John Lee reasoned that as they get older, women often suffer from osteoporosis because they have an imbalance of progesterone to estrogen. Dr. Lee has had women increase their body’s reserves of progesterone, and as a result, bone density tests showed a clear reversal of osteoporosis.

According to the book, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause, it is believed that pregnenolone, a substance our bodies manufacture to make hormones such as progesterone, has the same bone-building effect.

If true, then the pregnenolone-like substances found in coconuts may also assist in maintaining hormone balance and encouraging healthy bones. Fresh coconuts contain fat-like substances called sterols that are comparable in structure to pregnenolone.

Your coconut oil osteoporosis reward is further heightened by Vitamin D, preferably from sunlight. Saturated fat and Vitamin D are necessary for proper calcium metabolism. Avoid all other processed vegetable oils, coffee, soda and sweets as they steal calcium from your bones. Exercise regularly to promote sturdy bones.

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