Coconut Oil Maintenance Dosage: How Much Oil for Optimal Health?

What is the appropriate coconut oil maintenance dosage that leads to a strong immune system and many other health benefits?

The plain and clean answer is any amount that you feel comfortable with. I know some people who take one teaspoon to six tablespoons daily, even more, and are experiencing fantastic results.

Having said that, you can determine your ideal maintenance dosage of The Greatest Oil in the World by looking at your body size or weight.

The average-sized adult (150 lbs or 68 kg) is generally recommended to consume 3.5 tablespoons daily. This value is based on the amount of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) present in human breast milk, nature’s perfect food.

MCFAs are primarily responsible for coconut oil’s amazing curative powers. The oil of the humble coconut is two-thirds MCFAs, making it nature’s richest source of these health-boosting fatty acids.

Two to three tablespoons every day should do a wonderful job for most people. Just keep in mind that any amount is helpful. Many see remarkable results with only one tablespoon per day.

You decide how you’re going to consume the oil. If you love anything and everything about coconuts like I do, take it by the spoonful. If not, mix it with food, juice, etc.

It’s best to spread your coconut oil consumption throughout the day and remember to factor in the amount of oil you get from other coconut products (milk and meat).

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