Coconut Oil Lice: Exterminate these External Bloodsuckers

Coconut oil for lice? Coconut oil wipes out these external bloodsuckers just as it would internally. Studies have shown that like bacteria, viruses and fungi, parasites can not stand up against Medium Chain Fatty Acids or MCFAs generously found in coconut oil.

Head lice are parasites that hang out in your scalp and live off your blood. I’m going to show how you can effectively and safely get rid of these vampires using coconut oil.

First, massage a little coconut oil into your scalp and hair, just enough to thinly coat your hair. Using a fine-toothed comb, pull it from your scalp to the ends of your hair, removing as many lice as you can.

After combing, shampoo your hair thoroughly. Pay very close attention to areas where lice are frequently found such as behind the ears and back of the neck.

After drying, massage a generous amount of coconut oil or coconut milk deep into your scalp and hair, keeping the oil or milk in your hair for as long as you can. If needed, apply more to keep your scalp moist.

Comb your hair again and pull out the remaining lice you find. At this point, most should be either dead or gone already. Shampoo hair.

For most people, one pass of this coconut oil procedure should be sufficient to eliminate bloodsucking lice. Just repeat the process if needed.

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