Coconut Oil Jock Itch: Kill the Fungus and Stop the Embarrassment

Coconut oil for jock itch? End the discomfort and frustration of this skin fungal infection of the groin with coconut oil, an all-natural, fungus-fighting oil.

Jock itch is a fungal infection of the skin, primarily in the groin area. Tinea cruris, its scientific name, typically affects males especially in warm climates.

Characterized by severe itchiness and often scaly lesions, it can make almost anyone depressed.

Also called dhobi itch (after Indian washermen), this ringworm of the groin area is an opportunistic infection frequently caused by a weakened immune system. Bingo! This is where coconut oil comes in.

Coconut oil improves or amplifies your immune system’s ability to protect against all kinds of infections and diseases. It’s chiefly composed of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) which give it incredible healing and protective powers.

All of coconut oil’s MCTs (caprylic, capric and lauric acids) kill different kinds of infection-causing fungi. Uniquely present in coconut oil, the combined overall antifungal effects of these antimicrobial fatty acids neutralize jock itch and prevent it from coming back.

People who have suffered for months, even years, from this annoying and sometimes humiliating skin fungal infection have found significant relief in just a matter of days. That’s how potent an antifungal agent coconut oil is.

Remember to give coconut oil a fair shot and not dismiss it in just a day or two. Barring a systemic yeast infection wherein your intestinal tract is being overrun by harmful fungi, coconut oil should be able to do the jock itch-job for you.

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