Coconut Oil Helps with Acne and I Use It for Sunscreen

by Nauri
(El Paso, TX)

I am not very observant when it comes to my own complexion. Usually if I notice a difference it’s either a drastic difference or someone has made a comment that causes me to pay closer attention. I also tend to doubt my own observations.

Well, I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin since using coconut oil as a skin moisturizer. I am in my mid-twenties and still suffer from acne, pimples, blackheads and the cyst-type blemishes that create small bumps.

Since using coconut oil, I rarely ever get pimples and usually they are very short-lived and small (compared to the marbles that I have been known to grow on my face). My little bumps that were getting out of control have decreased dramatically, and the blackheads have also improved.

I have to admit I have been drinking more water recently, but none of my other “water-happy” episodes have made a noticeable difference on my skin.

I also notice a change in the overall health of my skin, it seems to “glow.” I have more color and it doesn’t look so tired all the time. I use it all over and my cuticles are soft and don’t crack anymore. The tips of my nails are definitely whiter, and even seem stronger.

I use it for sunscreen now and I currently live in El Paso, Texas where the sun seems to be a lot hotter, I have not burnt even though we spend a lot of time playing in the pool, and I usually spend a little extra time in the sun to try to help with my pregnancy stretch marks. I use it on my son for sunscreen as well.

My husband is resistant to the idea but I put it on his skin after he burnt recently after spending all day outside and he was impressed with how well it helped his skin (he’s hard to impress, and reluctant to admit it). But he straight thanked me for putting it on his skin because it felt so much better.

Also, my son’s skin became very dry after moving here recently and the oil is amazing for that. And I sometimes go longer than a week without applying it, but he doesn’t have those dry patches on his cheeks, legs, and arms anymore.

I have also been ingesting 2-3 tablespoons a day when I remember and it seems like it really helps with my energy… I used to never wake up before my son, and always felt groggy and slow in the morning. Now I feel rested and alert after awaking, and I’m waking up earlier than I used to.