Coconut Oil Helped My Father

by John

Several years ago, my father was hospitalized with pneumonia. He was given 7 days to live. I had just gotten through reading the “Coconut Oil Miracle” by Dr. Fife and decided to give my father coconut oil since it is said to kill pneumonia.

The doctor would not let me give him any coconut oil. So I began to rub it on his chest every day while he was in ICU. Five days after we started putting it on his chest, he was taken out of ICU and placed in a normal room.

I had plenty of opposition, because people thought that the coconut oil was bad for a person due to it being “saturated fat.” My sister even took the bottle I had at the hospital and poured it out, thinking that she was doing my dad a favor.

I purchased another bottle and continued to use it on my dad’s chest.

I recently found out that coconut oil can help neuropathy in a person’s feet. (See coconut oil and neuropathy, on Youtube, with Dr. Fife.)

I suffer from severe pain in my toes, and do not sleep well.

I am going to try taking coconut oil to see what it does for my neuropathy. My problem is, how much should I take to start? I don’t want to get “loose stools,” any suggestions?


Hi John,

An effective way to avoid loose stools is to take just a small amount of coconut oil in the beginning, and slowly add to it until you reach the typical maintenance dosage for your body weight.

Try starting with just half a teaspoon, once a day, for a couple of days or so. If all goes well, make it half a teaspoon twice a day, and then thrice…

If three teaspoons a day presents no problems, make it one tablespoon daily, and then two, and then three tablespoons per day…

The recommended coconut oil maintenance dosage for an average-sized adult (150 pounds or 68 kilograms) is about three and a half tablespoons daily, scattered throughout the day (morning, afternoon, evening).

All the best,

P.S. How is your dad doing?