Coconut Oil Heart Disease: A Heart Healthy Fat

Coconut oil for heart disease? Coconut oil does not cause heart disease. It actually even prevents it!

Heart disease or cardiovascular disease is a generic term for all disorders of the heart and blood vessels.

If it’s true that coconut oil causes heart disease, why aren’t we Filipinos dying of heart disease left and right? Why are Polynesians, Sri Lankans and other coconut oil-eating populations not falling like flies because of heart problems?

Not only are we not perishing… On the contrary, we even have the lowest rates of coronary heart disease.

Of all Filipinos, my Bicolano compatriots of Southern Luzon consume the most coconut oil at 62.4 percent of their fat calories.

If coconut oil were cardio-pathogenic and cholesterogenic as popularly preached by detractors, Bicolanos should have the highest coronary heart disease incidence and the highest cholesterol levels in the Philippines, respectively.

Yet, their heart mortality rate is a mere 937, compared to 2,582 for us here in the capital, Manila. Many of us here in Manila eat a typical Western diet loaded with highly processed polyunsaturated vegetable oils.

Bicolanos also have the lowest heart and brain death rates in the country. Their mean cholesterol is 161 mg/dl in males and 191 mg/dl in females forty years and older. Facts don’t lie so we better get them straight, or else…

Coconut oil is truly a heart healthy fat. It does not raise cholesterol and it does not cause heart disease. In reality, coconut oil even prevents heart disease!

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