Coconut Oil Heals My Diabetes 2

by Adan Sosa
(Gilroy, CA U.S.A.)

I have Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 for five years. In the beginning I was controlling it with metformin 1000mg a day. But I had to eat very strictly (mostly no sweetened drink or food).

One day I over ate (almost double) before going to bed and didn’t know how to put my sugar levels down. That night my glucose was 175.

I read some testimonial on the internet about Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), so I put it in practice. I took two tablespoons of Louanna Coconut Oil from Walmart (probably not virgin, but it worked).

One hour later I checked my sugar and it was down to 125. It dropped by 50 in just one hour. Since that day, I take two tablespoons of coconut oil when I over eat and my sugar levels are fine.

Hi Adan,

It is very possible to get off of diabetic drugs with coconut oil. It provides a quick source of nourishment for your cells with or without insulin being produced in your body.

You might want to try consuming coconut oil on a regular basis (not just when you overeat). If you can take oil easily, I suggest you take 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil daily, even more, spread throughout the day. Before long, you might just find yourself no longer in need of diabetic drugs.

Do not stop using metformin, yet. Please consult your health care provider on the best way to incorporate coconut oil into your diet and eventually get off of the drugs. (ALL drugs have side effects. Coconut oil does not and provides health benefits far beyond diabetes).

All the best,