Coconut Oil for Rosacea, Nail Fungus, Shingles and Cooking! A Personal Experience

by Derek
(Tampa, Florida)

Hello. I just ran across this and have been using coconut oil for many years.

I have rosacea and have had skin cancer and surgery on my face. I didn’t use the prescription the surgeon gave me. I used my coconut oil instead and the wound healed quickly without any infection and almost NO scar… Even the dermatologist is amazed at the results. It runs right across my face, from nose out to cheek… No one can see it unless I show them where and they get right up to it.

Coconut oil definitely also helps keep the redness and burn reduced when my rosacea flares. I use it daily on my entire face as a moisturizer after shaving.

People have mentioned about melting coconut oil. Well, it sits on my bathroom counter and in the winter gets very solid. I scrape a small amount out with a wooden pop stick I can just throw away to keep it uncontaminated. As soon as it hits the palm of your hand it starts to melt down on its own so I don’t see any need to physically melt it somehow.

I’m in my 50’s and recently had shingles, too. For that and the occasional toe fungus or athlete’s foot, I use a combination of half coconut oil and half tea tree oil. You can’t ingest it but this oil mixture is also used for many skin issues and studies show it is much stronger than current treatments for killing the virus that causes herpes and shingles.

The tea tree oil can burn if used full strength so I use it 50-50 with coconut oil. This concoction took away the pain, burn and itch of shingles ASAP, right on contact. And the blisters/scabs fell off 3 days later and no scar. I told my doctor about it and he looked up the study and now uses it himself for his cold sore and shingles patients. Hope this helps someone else…