Coconut Oil for Relaxed Hair?

by Honey Gene Abulag
(Cagayan de Oro, Philippines)

Is it good to use coconut oil after a relaxed hair? I had a dull hair so I decided to go to the parlor and relax it but I think it makes my hair dry. Can you give some tips to make my hair straight? Thank you.

Hi Honey Gene,

I don’t see any reason why coconut oil can’t be good to use after a relaxed hair. It’s a safe and natural oil that has been used since time immemorial.

I believe I have seen enough coconut oil for hair blessings, including mine, to say that coconut oil is good to use after relaxing your hair.

Tips to make your hair straight? I’m afraid I’m far from being the best person to ask this. I hardly know anything in the world of hair straightening and the likes.

All I know is coconut oil is great for bringing out the best in your God-given, natural hair.

Hope this helps,