Coconut Oil for Pityriasis Rosea and Guttate Psoriasis

by Arminda Punzalan
(Batangas, Philippines)

I have pityriasis rosea since 2006. First I sought medical advise and a dermatologist gave me a lot of creams/medications… It got cured but after two years it came back… So I took creams/meds again…

This year I had a severe attack and sought a second opinion and this time the dermatologist told me that its pityriasis rosea and guttate psoriasis.

According to the dermatologist there are no specific meds. It’s a lifetime skin disease and what we have to do is to prevent dryness and itchiness which can cause infection and of course STRESS, which is a big no for me!!!

Every month I suffer from itchiness and rashes which leave brown scars and made me uncomfortable because it is all over my back and arms… My father told me to stop taking meds because nothing happens.. I’m just wasting money for the doctor’s professional fee and meds that don’t work…

So my dad advised me to buy Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) which according to him is very good for skin diseases like mine… So I bought Carica VCO and religiously applied it for a month and my scars and rashes started to heal….

Up to now I’m taking it orally (2 tablespoons daily) and using it like a lotion every night or before taking a bath…. Right now I’ve noticed that scars are starting to dry up and I hope that this VCO is the cure….. Hoping that one of these days I’ll be totally cured!!!!!!

I also observed that VCO can remove dead skin (libag) without damaging your skin like in using towel, loofah, or the traditional “panghilod na bato” which can cause bruises on sensitive skin…. And VCO makes my skin smooth and soft again….. By the way I’m 38 yrs old and also having dry skin due to aging…..