Coconut Oil for Hepatitis B and Others

by Ero
(Tirana, Albania)

I am diagnosed with Hepatitis B and I have never used (even tasted) coconut. So I started with the water and I try to get benefits from oil and milk. Actually I have 3 questions:


  • After extracting the oil, can I use the remaining milk (if it is called so) for soups or while preparing rice? Does it have any benefits left?
  • Does the regular usage of this milk and separately of oil (which I store in jars for cooking) help in removing the damned hepatitis B virus or at least strengthen the immunity of my liver?
  • Do I get fat if I regularly use water, milk and oil of blessed coco?


Hi Ero,

Yes, after extracting the oil, you can use the remaining milk (coconut milk) for soups, rice, etc. Coconut milk contains a significant amount of the oil, plus protein. So yes, it has benefits, and lots of it!

At the very least, regular consumption of coconut oil and milk will definitely help in strengthening your immune system. When it comes to providing support for your immune system, no other oil or fat can compare to coconut oil.

Much of the fat molecules present in coconut oil are Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA). These rare and special fatty acids are powerful “antimicrobials,” capable of destroying a long list of viruses, bacteria, yeasts, worms, parasites, fungi, etc. Not even the AIDS virus (HIV) can stay alive in their presence.

The three types of hepatits (A, B and C) are all caused by viruses. Hepatitis C, the most serious of the three, is terminated by MCFAs. So again, yes, there is very good reason to believe that coconut oil can remove the hepatitis B virus from your system.

No, you won’t get fat if you regularly use coconut oil, milk and water. Actually, you can expect to lose weight.

Researchers in Canada have discovered that if you replace all the oils in your kitchen made of Long Chain Fatty Acids (LCFA) such as soybean oil, olive oil, corn oil, etc., and use coconut oil instead, you can lose up to almost 40 pounds of excess fat per year. You don’t have to change anything else in your diet. Just switch to MCFA-rich coconut oil and that’s it!

Coconut milk and water, too, will not make you fat. People who consume large quantities of coconut products are generally “slim and trim.”

All the best,