Coconut Oil for Eczema?

by Anonymous

My 7-month old son has an Atopic Dermatitis. He’s on Nutramigen now. He was breastfed for 6 months but due to what’s causing his eczema, I gave up breastfeeding just to see what’s making him worse. Unfortunately, until now, we are still searching.

He has an allergic reaction to nuts, eggs and milk. We’ve tried a lot of creams and hydrocortizones and nothing works on him. I am really in search for a moisturizer and oil that will soften his dry skin and tame his red and scaly parts.

Is it possible to put the organic coconut oil in his bath? Or should I directly rub it on his skin? Is it safe for his face? Thank you!


Yes, you may put coconut oil in his bath. For maximum results, you may directly rub it on his skin, including his face.

I believe that when it comes to skin care, nothing compares to the greatness of coconut oil! I’ve seen it tame acne breakouts, dandruff, itchiness, rashes, psoriasis, etc. Thanks to Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA), coconut oil is the single most spectacular oil for skin care.

MCFAs destroy fungi, viruses, bacteria, yeasts, worms, protozoa, parasites, etc. They feed cells faster than any other fatty acids could, even faster than glucose. I could go on and on like this, but… The only way for you to find out is to try it.

You, absolutely, have nothing to lose (except for the few dollars you’re going to spend), and the upside could be life-changing. I feel for your son. I know how it’s like to feel helpless…

Please give coconut oil a fair shot. Use it externally and internally. Make sure he ingests at least one tablespoon a day. More importantly, rub the oil on his skin multiple times per day. That alone should provide considerable relief. And…

Also make sure that your son eats lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably raw. If you have a juicer, that’s ideal. Oh, and vitamin D from the sun. Basking in the sun is very good for the skin.

All these measures will increase your son’s chances of finding lasting relief exponentially.

All the best,