Coconut Oil for Cooking: The Ideal Cooking Oil

Coconut oil for cooking? When it comes to cooking, no dietary oil can match the stability of coconut oil. None!

At 92 percent saturated, you can heat and reheat coconut oil without creating harmful free radicals and trans fats. The more saturated a fat is, the better it is for cooking.

Saturated fats have no double-carbon bonds or weak links that are easily broken to form damaging free radicals. Compared to unsaturated fats, highly saturated coconut oil remains stable even when heated to normal cooking temperatures.

The oil of the humble coconut is the least vulnerable to oxidation and free-radical formation of all dietary fats. It’s so stable that it does not need refrigeration.

Properly produced, it can easily stay fresh for at least three years, unrefrigerated. I had a three-year old bottle of virgin coconut oil (VCO) and it’s still as fresh as the day my wife home-made it.

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