Coconut Oil for Acne: The Oil that Keeps Pimples at Bay

Coconut oil for acne problems? By eliminating bacteria and ridding the skin of impurities, coconut oil can help you say goodbye to pimple breakouts.

If you have oily skin, you’ve probably been advised to stay away from fatty foods and to avoid applying oil on your face. I’d say that depends on the type of oil.

What if I told you that there is a certain type of fatty acid that can help eliminate this nagging problem since puberty? That fatty acid is called Medium Chain Fatty Acid, or simply MCFA. And most of it is found in the one-and-only coconut oil.

To be effective, an acne treatment must be able to do three things:

  1. Kill the bacteria that cause pimples
  2. Unclog your skin of impurities, and
  3. Accelerate your skin’s healing.

Miss only one, and the supposed remedy’s success rate will be dismal. MCFA-rich coconut oil can do all three. Yes, it can do them all!

Neutralize the Culprit

Acne is an inflammatory infection caused by the Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes), a bacterium that colonizes the hair follicles and feeds on the natural oils (sebum) of your skin.

MCFAs inactivate the P. acnes bacteria which are largely responsible, breakout or not. In fact, MCFAs inactivate a long list of bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc., including the dreaded SARS coronavirus, not to mention HIV which causes AIDS.

Unclog Your Pores

Virgin coconut oil for acne treatment and prevention

After wiping out the acne-causing microbes, MCFAs then penetrate deeply into your skin, dissolving grime and other waste that could have been lodged in your face for many years, even decades.

To illustrate, chew a stick of gum and take a teaspoon of coconut oil, but don’t swallow it right away. Allow the oil to wrap around the gum. As you chew, you’ll notice that the gum would melt significantly faster than it would without the oil.

This is what coconut oil does for your skin. Because of its smaller size compared to other fats and oils, coconut oil passes effortlessly through your pores to dissolve the congesting waste. A much needed relief for your skin, and very anti-acne!

Speed Up Healing

With the bacteria gone and your skin pores free from impurities, coconut oil finishes the job by accelerating the healing process. The quicker the skin can repair itself, the lesser chance of developing blemishes.

Coconut oil repairs wounds, cuts, minor burns and other skin injuries at breakneck speeds. I kid you not. The next time you wound or cut yourself (heaven forbid), apply some coconut oil every hour and watch it disappear faster than you thought possible.

The Coconut Oil for Acne “Healing Crisis”

Early on in my coconut oil journey, acne became a problem for about a month. Pimples developed even on areas I don’t usually get them. I was baffled. Just when I was ready to throw away my jar of coconut oil, I realized what I was experiencing is a “healing crisis.”

Any food or substance that stimulates the recuperative powers of the body has the potential to cause a healing crisis. So as it turned out, I was right!

Within days, my mild acne breakout (July 2007) came to a halt. And I’ve had no such repeat experience up to this very day. And current, overall acne occurrence has been few and far between. Definitely much better than pre-coconut oil period.

A Naturally Safe and Effective Pimple Treatment

Unlike many commercial acne treatment products that contain harmful chemicals, coconut oil is all-natural, all-safe and all-effective. Remember, topical application works best, but don’t forget to consume it as well for maximum effect.

Make coconut oil an integral part of your skin care regimen!

MCFAs kill the bacteria that cause acne. They melt grime and dirt buried deep in your skin. And to cap the coconut oil for acne benefit, it hastens the skin regeneration process. That’s pretty good in my book. Don’t you think?

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