Coconut Oil Facial Breakout

by Darla Creighton
(Altamont, TN, U.S.A.)

I’ve been using coconut oil for 4 weeks. For the last 2 weeks my face has been breaking out with what looks like red pimples, but they’re not. They itch and are kind of tender to the touch, but they itch and I want to pick at them.

I tried to put virgin coconut oil on my face but it just made it worse. I do have oily skin anyway, so I wonder if I may have used too much coconut oil to start with. I’m cooking with it, using it as a lotion and it’s great in a cup of sugar-free hot cocoa, by the way.

I love everything about coconut oil and I’m not going to stop using it, because I feel so much better. I’ve also lost 13 lbs. in the past 4 weeks just by changing the oils I used to use. Does anyone have any answers for me? Am I detoxing? Is that what I’m going through?


Hi Darla,

I don’t think this is happening because you may have used too much coconut oil to start with. The most probable reason is, you are detoxifying. Yes, I believe that’s what you’re going through.

When I first used coconut oil regularly, the frequency of pimples showing up on my face increased, and they were definitely bigger than usual. They even developed on areas of my body where they usually don’t, like my arms, torso, etc.

But after almost a month, the outbreak stopped and never happened again up to this very moment. And yes, my skin is now smoother, softer and more radiant.

You may be experiencing a “healing crisis.” Sometimes it has to get worse in order to get much better. Give it another month or so, but if it’s still worsening, you might want to stop using it for a while and observe how your body would react.

All the best,