Coconut Oil Effects on Alzheimer’s

by Frances
(St. George, Utah USA)

Does coconut oil have any beneficial effect on Alzheimer’s or dementia?

Hi Frances,

It appears that coconut oil, specifically Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), are the preferred source of brain food in patients affected by Alzheimer’s. Actually, it’s the ketones that serve as brain fuel. It’s like this…

Your brain is able to run on more than one type of energy supply. Glucose may be the primary fuel for your brain, but ketones can do the same job, even better.

Your body produces ketones by converting fat (as opposed to glucose) into energy. And a chief source of ketones are the MCTs abundantly present in coconut oil.

The advantage of ketones from coconut oil over glucose from carbohydrates is that ketones are able to feed your brain cells with or without insulin. So when it comes to brain fuel, MCT-rich coconut oil is a fat that acts like a carbohydrate, minus the insulin spike associated with carbohydrates entering your bloodstream.

All the best,