Coconut Oil Diabetes: It’s All About Sugar and Feeding Your Cells

Coconut oil diabetes benefits allow your cells to feed without the aid of insulin. Coconut oil is one of the best foods for diabetics!

Each and every cell in your body requires a round-the-clock supply of either fatty acids or glucose to stay alive and to fuel metabolism.

Without sufficient cell nourishment, capillaries and blood vessels degenerate, resulting to atherosclerosis.

Damaged artery walls form plaque which clogs arteries, leading to heart attack and stroke, the two leading causes of death in diabetics.

Glucose and Fats Need Insulin

The hormone insulin is crucial because it allows fatty acids and glucose in the blood stream to enter and feed your cells. Mitochondria, the energy producing organs of your cells, need glucose for cell sustenance and to transform them into fuel for powering metabolic functions.

In order for glucose and Long Chain Fatty Acids (LCFA) to enter and sustain your cells, they require insulin. This can cause a health disaster if your pancreas stops making insulin or your cells stop responding to insulin (insulin-resistance)!

But Coconut Oil Doesn’t!

Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) richly found in coconut oil, on the other hand, can penetrate the mitochondria’s double membrane even in the absence of insulin.

It doesn’t matter whether your pancreas is producing enough insulin or your cells are insulin-resistant. MCFA-loaded coconut oil can still nourish your cells.

Because MCFAs can easily keep cells nourished, capillaries and blood vessels are kept alive and healthy.

For this reason, they improve the circulation and cardiovascular health of diabetics. Unlike other fats and oils, coconut oil does not block arteries. It even opens them up!

In addition to its ability to feed your cells minus insulin, MCFAs abundantly found in coconut oil also help improve insulin secretion, insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance.

Boosts Metabolism and Regulates Blood Sugar

MCFAs stimulate metabolism which increases insulin production and glucose absorption into your cells. This is the reason why coconut oil can help many diabetics reduce or eliminate their dependency on insulin medication.

With its ability to help regulate blood sugar levels, coconut oil can slow down the emptying of the stomach so that sugars are released at a slower rate into your bloodstream.

It has a very low Glycemic Index (GI), which is a system of measuring the effect of specific foods on blood sugar. Even the glycemic index of sweets and starchy foods are substantially lowered when coconut oil is added to them.

Coconut oil diabetes blessings help address the underlying problem right at the cellular level. If you’re thinking coconut oil is the best fat or oil a diabetic can eat, then I’m glad. You’re getting it!
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