Coconut Oil Detox vs. The Master Cleanse

by Thalal
(Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Which of these two detox methods is more effective to reduce weight faster?

Hi Thalal,

I think when it comes to weight loss, the master cleanse should bring about weight reduction at a faster rate. The reason, is in the ingredients.

More than two-thirds of coconut oil are unique fat molecules called Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA). Your liver uses MCFAs as a source of fuel to generate energy. In short, MCFA-rich coconut oil can boost your energy level.

When you eat coconut oil, it’s like adding premium-quality gasoline into a high-performance vehicle. Your cells won’t starve. In fact, your pancreas is not required to release insulin when you eat coconut oil. That’s because unlike glucose, MCFAs abundantly found in coconut oil can enter and feed your cells even without insulin.

The energy-supplying capabilities of coconut oil make the master cleanse the faster weight loss-approach, in my opinion.

Hope this helps,