Coconut Oil Cirrhosis: 24/7 Repair and Maintenance for Your Liver

Coconut oil for cirrhosis? Of all the organs in your entire body, the liver probably benefits the most from the healthiest oil in the world, coconut oil.

The very important liver:

  • Detoxifies
  • Secretes hormones
  • Builds proteins and fats
  • Makes bile for digestion
  • Stores vitamins and minerals

… and countless more necessary for optimum health. No wonder coconut oil naturally pours its health blessings to your liver. It’s as if it instinctively knows where the real action is.

Cirrhosis, a common liver problem, is a degenerative disease typified by heavy tissue destruction and scarring. The liver’s two most devastating attackers are free radicals and viruses, both of which can be protected against by regular consumption of coconut oil.

The main fat molecules in coconut oil called MEdium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) kill a wide range of viruses. From the relatively ordinary influenza virus, to the hepatitis C virus, all the way to the dreaded AIDS virus.

Damaging free radicals constantly assault your liver. Its 92 percent saturation makes coconut oil highly resistant to oxidation (spoilage) and free radical formation.

Coconut oil neutralizes disease-causing germs, gives your liver a much needed break, reduces its workload, supplies it with needed energy, and protects it from free radical destruction.

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