Coconut Oil Capsules: If You Can’t Take Coconut Oil Any Other Way

Coconut oil capsules is an alternative if you simply can’tor won’t take coconut oil any other way. How to benefit from the world’s healthiest oil is your call, exclusively.

Because I love anything and everything about coconuts, I prefer to take coconut oil by the spoonful. Plus, through my wife’s delightful coconut recipes.

But if you’re really considering taking this miracle oil in capsule or softgel form, bring out your calculator and let’s do some mathematics first. Yayks!

Jellies Anyone?

One tablespoon contains more or less 15 grams of coconut oil. One typical capsule about half a gram. So if my math is correct, you will have to swallow around 30 capsules a day to receive a single tablespoon of coconut oil.

If your recommended daily dosage is 3 tablespoons, you’ll have to ingest 90 softgels per day. That’s a lot of gelatin! I love jellies but don’t think I’m up to guzzling 120+ capsules a day (I take at least 4 tablespoons daily) for the rest of my life.

Of course, how many to down each day depends on the size of the capsule. To be honest, even at just half or 60 softgels everyday, I still won’t be up to it.

But if swallowing pills is second nature to you, hey, it’s your choice! I also think the price difference is huge.

Note that it’s standard practice to use mineral oil for the encapsulation process. What is mineral oil? Well, it’s basically petroleum. Last time I checked, petroleum is for vehicles and factories, not for the human body.

Make sure the gelatin used is from vegetable sources, not mineral oil or from cows. The cattle industry is not exactly one to refrain from antibiotics, growth hormones and synthetic chemical inputs.

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