Coconut Oil Body Foot Odor Benefits to Keep You Smelling Good

Coconut oil for body foot odor?Medium chain fatty acid or MCFA-rich coconut oil will help prevent organisms that promote body odor from colonizing your body.

Bacteria and fungi hanging out on the skin are the main causes of body odor. Did you know that bathing can actually make the situation worse?

The human skin is slightly acidic at about 5.0 on the pH scale. Soap and water wash off this natural chemical barrier. Ironically, we are most susceptible to infection and odor-causing germ proliferation right after a bath.

Medium chain fatty acids abundantly found in coconut oil are obviously acidic, which means they assist in putting together your body’s protective acid layer.

For most, rubbing a little coconut oil on the armpits, feet and anywhere else you deem necessary is all it takes to avoid being avoided.

I myself don’t use commercial deodorants. I use virgin coconut oil (VCO) on my armpits and occasionally on my feet. Works perfectly!

Just a thin layer of VCO, especially right after bathing, will help quickly reestablish the skin’s natural defensive wall, and prevent body and foot odor for most people.

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