Coconut Oil Bed Sores: High Cellular Activity Leads to a Rapid Recovery

Coconut oil for bed sores? From redness all the way to injury extending into the bone, coconut oil will help repair damaged or diseased tissue, fast!

Bed sores, pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers have four stages agreed upon by most experts:

Stage 1 – the most superficial, indicated by redness that does not subside after pressure is relieved.

Stage 2 – damage to the epidermis extending into, but no deeper than, the dermis.

Stage 3 – involves the full thickness of the skin and may extend into the subcutaneous tissue layer.

Stage 4 – the deepest, extending into the muscle, tendon or even bone.

Coconut oil assists in healing just about any soft or bone tissue problem. It owes a great deal of its incredible curative attributes to a special kind of fat molecules called Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA).

The metabolic effects of MCFA-rich coconut oil include accelerated cellular activity. Processes like healing damaged tissues and replacing ravaged or diseased cells with healthy new ones are enhanced.

You can apply the oil pretty much as often as you like for a speedy recovery. Even faster is using a coconut oil bandage for non-stop curing action.

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