Coconut Oil Bandage: Heal Injuries and Infections at Breakneck Speeds

Use a coconut oil bandage to help heal a wide range of injuries and infections at breakneck speeds.

Don’t get me wrong. Frequent coconut oil application (about 8-10 times, even more, daily) will do the job just fine, if you stick to the plan and are not forgetful. 🙂

But to ensure unrelenting healing at lightning speeds, it is best that you implement a coconut oil compress.

I’ve seen nasty wounds and deep cuts, the kind that makes your skin crawl, heal completely in a span of time you never knew was possible.

You’ll need the following:

  • a piece of cloth or gauze
  • plastic wrap or anything similar, and
  • adhesive tape or elastic band

Make sure the piece of gauze or cloth is a little larger than the affected area on your skin. And the plastic wrap should be about half an inch larger than the cloth.

Rub some warm coconut oil into your skin and wipe off the excess around it to allow the tape to stick to the skin. Apply the oil-soaked cloth to the injury then lay the plastic over the cloth.

Secure the cloth and plastic with the adhesive tape or elastic band. The plastic is there to keep the oil from soaking into the tape and onto your clothes and sheets.

Add more coconut oil as needed to keep the bandage moist and don’t forget to change bandages daily. Now, that’s one recipe for a rapid recovery!

Many people, like my brother and uncle, became “believers” after witnessing coconut oil’s remarkable ability to repair injured or diseased skin tissue. It sure got me hooked!

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