Coconut Oil and UTI

by Rick
(Sioux City, Iowa)

After a radical cystectomy due to bladder cancer, I have a neobladder. I have had recurring urinary tract infections, mainly e coli, and recurring scar tissue in the bladder neck ever since. Can coconut oil help with any of these issues? Thank you

Hi Rick,

Yes, coconut oil can help with your urinary tract and bladder issues.

Coconut oil is a natural antibiotic capable of terminating a long list of bacteria, including e coli. But unlike pharmaceutical drugs, it has no side effects. And because it is a quick source of cell nourishment, coconut oil accelerates tissue healing, including bladder tissue.

For more information on how the humble coconut can help with UTI, please visit the following page.

Coconut Oil Helps Cure UTI

All the best,