Coconut Oil and Other Cleansing Programs

by Anonymous


I have candida and plan on doing some major cleansing this month.

First, I am using magnesium oxygen to clean the colon. After a week of this, I plan on using miracle mineral supplement for a few weeks. I had also planned on doing a liver/gallbladder flush in between these other items.

I am wondering if it is safe to use coconut oil at the same time as these other cleansing products. And I am wondering if instead of drinking 1/2 cup olive oil for my liver flush, I can use coconut oil?

I am grateful for any advice or suggestions you may have.


I think it is safe to use coconut oil at the same time as the other cleansing products you mentioned. But I’m no authority in magnesium oxygen and miracle mineral supplement. It’s best if you follow the respective instructions on how to correctly go about these different cleansing programs.

For example, the coconut oil detoxification/fast encourages you to drink all the filtered water and sugarless lemonade you can. It also allows you to consume some fresh coconut meat and plain (unsweetened and unflavored) yogurt. Now is it safe to use magnesium oxygen, miracle mineral supplement, etc as well? Chances are, yes. But I’d rather adhere to the guidelines of the coconut oil detox program.

As for using coconut oil instead of olive oil for your liver flush, yes, you can do this. Medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) abundantly found in coconut oil protect your liver tissues from free-radical damage, which is one of the main causes of liver injury. MCFA-rich coconut oil also helps fight infection.

Hope this helps,