Coconut Cure for Ringworm

by T in Tucson
(Tucson, AZ USA)


Just wanted to share my small miracle. I’d been reading about the natural cures from coconut oil but did not believe it at first.

My son had ringworm on his leg for 3 months. I kept using over the counter tinactin. It would go away, then return again. I kept buying the tinactin.

Finally, I decided to rub a little coconut oil on the ringworm. IN 2 DAYS IT WAS GONE! I could not believe it. All those years and money using tinactin for ringworm and athlete’s foot Рand coconut oil was the real cure.

Then my kids had several insect bites and kept itching and scratching until the bites became a sore. I rubbed coconut oil all over their legs. The itching stopped, the sore healed and no more mosquito bites. Still can’t believe it.

Now, I’m very cynical of medicine in general. If I’m sick, first I try natural coconut oil cures. I put gobs of it in my soups instead of butter or other oils. Then, if I’m still sick (which usually doesn’t happen) I would go to the doctor. Funny, I just have not needed to go.

T in Tucson