Coconut Cure for Ringworm

by T in Tucson
(Tucson, AZ USA)


Just wanted to share my small miracle. I'd been reading about the natural cures from coconut oil but did not believe it at first.

My son had ringworm on his leg for 3 months. I kept using over the counter tinactin. It would go away, then return again. I kept buying the tinactin.

Finally, I decided to rub a little coconut oil on the ringworm. IN 2 DAYS IT WAS GONE! I could not believe it. All those years and money using tinactin for ringworm and athlete’s foot - and coconut oil was the real cure.

Then my kids had several insect bites and kept itching and scratching until the bites became a sore. I rubbed coconut oil all over their legs. The itching stopped, the sore healed and no more mosquito bites. Still can't believe it.

Now, I'm very cynical of medicine in general. If I'm sick, first I try natural coconut oil cures. I put gobs of it in my soups instead of butter or other oils. Then, if I'm still sick (which usually doesn't happen) I would go to the doctor. Funny, I just have not needed to go.

T in Tucson

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Jun 06, 2013
Same Here!
by: Joe

I, too, just recently used coconut oil to treat a severe case of ringworm, and to my surprise, it worked amazingly well. I’ve spent at least several hundred dollars on antifungal sprays, powders and creams in vain. Pharmaceutical companies, truly are, the sinister corporations you think they are, which is why they didn't have the decency to inform the public of the truly effective, inexpensive, non-harmful way to treat ringworm.

If it's as easy as rubbing some coconut oil, I wonder what other simple cures they've simply failed to mention. Thank you for sharing your wisdom on the medicinal properties of coconut oil. If only every doctor were as kind as yourself.

Aug 30, 2010
Coconut Oil for Ringworm and Beyond...
by: Frederick

Me too! I had this nagging ringworm on my left forearm for months.

All the over-the-counter medication could do was provide temporary relief. Days after I stop the medication, the ringworm would come roaring back.

What the anti-fungal medication could not do in months, coconut oil took care of in less than a week. And the antifungal drug costs so much more than the amazing coconut oil.

I don't believe there is a skin condition that coconut oil can not help heal. Coconut oil is so effective for insect bites resulting to constant itching, sores, etc.

Is there are stronger word for cynical? If there is, that would be how I feel about the current health care system here in the Philippines and much of the world. We really, really, really should take control of our own health and not rely solely on what doctors and drug companies are telling us.

I hope you continue on with your coconut oil journey and may you reap all the health blessings only coconut oil, The Healthiest Oil on the Planet, can provide. God bless

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