Can Consuming Coconut Oil Increase My Weight?

by Frieda


I am a female aged 51 yrs. I want to take coconut for all the health benefits it offers (pain in right leg from hip downwards, pain in right arm, osteoarthritis in both knees) but at the same time I want to put on weight! You see I’m skinny at 44 kg. I would like to increase my weight by 6 kg (if only that’s possible). If I were to take coconut oil, would that make me lose further weight?

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Hi Frieda,

From what I have seen, you would not lose further weight with coconut oil. Researchers have demonstrated that coconut oil has a lesser effect of stimulating metabolism on lighter people than on heavier people.

Coconut oil is used to treat malnourishment and obesity. If you’re overweight, it helps you lose weight. If you’re underweight, it helps you gain. Coconut oil helps you reach your ideal body weight.

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