Can Coconut Oil Cure Tinea Versicolor?

by Frank

I have tinea versicolor for the past ten years or more. Does anyone out there know if coconut oil will help me to clear it off my body? If it will clear it, how do I use it to get the best benefits, internally or externally? I don’t want to manage the condition. I want to clear it out and prevent it from ever returning. Francis

Hi Francis,

I did some research on tinea versicolor. Apparently, it is caused by fungi or yeast. According to Wikipedia, the culprit is Malassezia globosa, a yeast-like fungus that lives on the skin and feeds on skin oils.

The antiseptic properties of coconut oil destroy the M. globosa fungus as well as many other fungi that can cause various problems.

Use coconut oil internally and externally. Take the maintenance dosage and apply it topically every day to boost your immune system and kill the fungi.

Based on current information, once infected with M. globosa and other yeasts/fungi, they tend to stick around for life. So the best thing we can do is control it. Hope this helps.

All the best,