Burning Fat

by Adalina


During a regular fast (water or juice), the body eventually derives its energy from toxins and also from fat. If the coconut oil detox provides the body with energy, how is fat loss achieved?

Thank you,


Hi Adalina,

The coconut oil detox, though it can also promote fat loss, is more focused on cleansing the body and fixing all types of digestive problems. You’ll also achieve fat loss, but not as much compared to a water or juice fast.

A water fast is notably efficient in losing excess fat, because your body has no choice but to use calories from your fat reserves to function as normal as it could. A juice fast has small amounts of calories from its sugar content.

The coconut oil fast offers the healthiest source of calories in the form of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT). Because coconut oil has no sugar, unfriendly bacteria in your intestinal tract are unable to feed and die off naturally.

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