Black Spot After Acne Cure on My Back

by Jim

Dear Frederick,

I am Mr. Jim from the Philippines.

Actually, I believe what you’ve said on your site that the coconut tree is the “Tree of Life” or a “wonder tree” as they call it. I researched some facts regarding coconut oil a few years back.

I had a lot of pimples on my face before, especially on my back, and I bought some commercialized pimple cure cream at the drugstore. It helped a lot and cured my acne but after healing, black spots in the affected area appeared and some were turning into scars.

My problem was how to restore the smoothness on the affected area. I applied some lotions and creams but saw no improvement at all for many months, then years.

This year 2009, I will try coconut oil and see if there will be any improvement in a few months. I will post the update here… Thanks…