Arthritis Pain Relievers: Coconut Oil’s Weapon for Safe Pain Relief

To be truly effective, arthritis pain relievers must be able to safely heal, period. Because it can provide energy as fast as the sugars minus the undesirable effects, coconut oil accelerates healing and repair safely, essential for lasting pain relief.

No one knows the exact, detailed mechanism that causes arthritis or chronic joint inflammation. But one thing is for sure. A growing number of people using coconut oil are finding much desired relief from this autoimmune disease.

With daily use of coconut oil, I’ve seen symptoms of arthritis go away almost immediately.

My uncle Jim suffered from arthritis since age 30. After years of trying to convince him to use coconut oil, he finally did. Within days, the pain in his hands and kneesdisappeared. He still has the occasional twinges in his left knee, but we both suspect that’s because it has calcified.

If you have swelling and discomfort due to arthritis, I strongly recommend you try coconut oil. You don’t have to start with the therapeutic dosage. The coconut oil maintenance dosage should be able to provide comfort. Ingest 3-4 tablespoons and rub it on affected areas 4-5 times daily, even more, to stop the pain and swelling.

Secret Weapon

Arthritis pain relievers are only as good as their primary component. Coconut oil is nature’s most generous source of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) or Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT). These rare fat molecules are coconut oil’s special weapon against arthritis.

Unlike other fatty acids, MCFAs are mainly used by your body as food to nourish and energize cells. This is probably the reason why arthritic pain and other types of pain seem to diminish or fade away when people start consuming coconut oil regularly.

Inflammation is your body’s defense and repair system, the means by which your immune system tries to protect you. A successful inflammation should end in cure and recovery. But failure to do so leads to arthritis, fibromyalgia and other autoimmune diseases wherein the continuing inflammatory effort causes your body to break itself down.

Supports Normal Immune System Function

Whether ingested or massaged on joints and body limbs, coconut oil exerts just the right amount of anti-inflammatory action. MCFAs have absolutely no negative impact on your immune system’s behavior. In fact, no other fat reinforces and helps normalize your immune system better. None!

Compared to other fats, energy liberation from MCFA-rich coconut oil is more prolonged. This suggests it continues to circulate your body long enough to effectively heal and repair damaged tissues (anti-inflammation).

In addition to coconut oil, get plenty of vitamin D from the sun. Supplement with magnesium, vitamin C and grape seed extract. Stay away from processed foods and eat at least half of your food raw. Consume as much fresh fruits and vegetables as you can.

Coconut oil is safe and one of the best arthritis pain relievers. It subdues aches through natural healing, the ideal way to soothe any kind of pain.

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